Testimonials - Aubuchon Homes


Great people who go the extra mile for their customer. Highly recommend working with the Aubuchon team!

Richard E.

After the storm Ian we clearly remembered your recommendation to build our house one foot higher than the code wanted.  We are so happy that you gave us this idea and option, and we love every dollar that we spend for it.  This higher level saved us during the hurricane and we had no water in the house some direct neighbors had….  So we want to thank you for your wise and far-sighted work that you have done for us.  We still enjoy our home and we always recommend Aubuchon and especially you as architect.

Wanda & Claus S.

Seven years and still loving my home!!!

Donna F.

We took possession of our Aubuchon home last week and are completely satisfied. The entire punch list had been completed and the Aubuchon staff continued to help us with the few remaining issues. If you’re building a new house they might well be your first choice.

Michael H.

It has been a pleasure working with Nancy, Jessica, Jerry, Justin, and the entire Aubuchon team!  We are looking forward to the completion of our home soon.

Given, the horrible situations your people have had to deal with due to the hurricane, you should be very proud of the fine work and service your people and contractors have given to your customers!

Bob W.

Hi Jim and Gary, I hope this email finds you guys safe and well. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up that I was here in the new home for the hurricane and weathered the storm well very minor damage to the roof and a couple of other small issues , I just wanted to let you know the homes around me and across the street are all either tear downs or flooded. Our canal I believe was hit the hardest . I want to thank the Aubuchon team for building us a home that withstood 157 mph winds and rain , although the wife and I found shelter in the pantry for a few hours , well donna more than me. We hunkered down worried but went thru it safe and sound in  our Aubuchon new home . I also want to thank Jerry and his brother for all the help during construction , they are by far the best in my books . Hopefully we will never see this type of storm again , this one’s for the history books, our hearts go out to all the people that weren’t as lucky as us.

Lenny and Donna S.

Abundantly blessed after Hurricane Ian! Wouldn’t have anyone but you build me a home!

Donna F.

My husband and I are beyond grateful for Gary, Justin, Jim, and the rest of Team Aubuchon as they listened to our dream home plans and executed it beautifully. Gary and Justin did a fabulous job communicating our ideas of what exactly we wanted and were very mindful to stay within our budget.

The timing of our build was not ideal due to the current shortages in supplies and labor as well as the increased inflation prices, but Aubuchon Homes did their best to make it a smooth process for us.

Our house turned out better than we imagined and we get frequent compliments on it from friends and neighbors. Our home not only looks beautiful but is structurally sound as well, it held up PERFECT during Hurricane Ian. We had absolutely no damage to our home which unfortunately we cannot say for our neighbors. My parents stayed with us during Hurricane Ian and all my Mom kept saying was how she never felt so safe in a house.

Thank you SO much Aubuchon Homes for creating our forever home with many great memories to be made thanks to you!

Jackie and Jake L.

The house held up well under Ian’s visit. When the insurance adjuster visited my home he said that this home is built like a fortress

Al M.

Lost our pool cage but everything else on the house is awesome.  No other real damage.  Very strong house thank you.  We are so happy.

Rebbecca R.

Am ever so happy I picked Aubuchon for my house construction.   My damages were very minimum on my home.

Felix L.

I just want to let the Aubuchon Homes Team know that our home stood the test of Ian.  We have a 14 year old Monarch that lost (6) roof tiles.  Every other home on our street, new or old, had extensive damage.  Thank you for building a quality hurricane capable home.

Peter M.

I was worried about the water but Dennis & I felt very safe in our house. Knew our house wasn’t going anywhere. Glad it is newer house with the hurricane windows and they passed the test.  Not sure how you convey that but we know we have a very well built home.

Sandra G.

I did not have any damage; just lost a few panels in the pool screen. I was a foot higher than the surge.

Nikki T.

Our house stood like a fortress during Ian. Even our pool cage survived!! We are very thankful and blessed with the quality of our Aubuchon Home!!  Thanks again!

Avra B.

How do we thank you? Hopefully by writing about our experience to let others know Aubuchon Homes truly wants to build your dream home for YOU. It began with selecting the perfect lot. The New Home Specialist showed us all lots available in the area that we desired. Once we found it, he was there to make the offer and the process began.

First, we sat with the Architectural Designer and several other Team Members and told them what our vision was. They then went to work and designed exactly that. They customized every detail of the floor plan and even suggested some things we hadn’t thought of. We also met with the pool designers to customize the pool to the lot, and also had a customized dock drawn up.

Probably the most important thing to note is for the actual building process, we did this long-distance which could have been a nightmare, but it was not. The entire Aubuchon Team kept us completely informed and in ‘the loop.’

Once we moved in we continued to have Aubuchon’s support for the punch list and some other things that popped up. They truly don’t stop once you walk in the door. Aubuchon made it clear to us that they are here for us now and into the future. They truly care and made our vision into reality. We are still pinching ourselves because we are living in OUR dream home… Even better than we imagined!

Susan & Stephen W.

Our new ‘forever’ home was completed by Aubuchon in May of 2020 within 30 days of the original projection.  Considering this is the 1st home we have had built, we were very nervous buyers.  They held our hand throughout the entire process and were VERY patient with all of our questions and concerns.  It was great that they were able to do most of the selections in their showroom without having to drive to individual stores.  All of the people were helpful and friendly about the build and the area since we were new to the area.  Would we use them again, definitely!

Mike A.

I want you to know we are very happy and pleased with our new Aubuchon home.  Everyone who sees it is extremely complimentary and recognizes the quality built into it.  We continue to be your ambassadors here on the Island.

David and Camilla S.

So, we built with Aubuchon and absolutely Love our home!

They did an amazing job. Any issue we raised, both during and after construction, were addressed to our satisfaction. We have to confess to being overly attentive to every detail. We are not easy clients or easy to please. They were patient and responsive throughout the entire build.

One of the best benefits of Aubuchon is their design center and team. With every other builder we visited, they took us into the garage of the model and showed us a few tile and cabinet options. Not Aubuchon. They have an entire design center with a huge selection — and several design experts to help weigh the options and costs. They are true pros. Design is not an after thought of the build, it’s part of the DNA.

Finally, they were on top of every stage. We were out of state for several months during the construction and the Superintendent sent us weekly updates with pictures, which we greatly appreciated.

We are so happy with our house and feel very secure in knowing if any problems arise with the house, Aubuchon will stand behind their work and make sure any problems are fixed. We are watching a house go up next to us by another builder, and all we can say is…. so glad we chose Aubuchon to build our house.

Patty and Mike N.

In all, we met with the Aubuchon Team (and I mean Team) dozens of times. They brought Interior Design into the project at the very beginning. It amazed us how big of an impact interior design has on all the phases of the project.

We met every subcontractor at Aubuchon’s office along with our Project Manager. We met numerous times with in-house Selections to pick out fixtures, flooring pavers etc. When the Selection process took us outside Aubuchon’s facility (for lighting and appliance selections, as an example) our Project manager accompanied us.

The construction phase was another pleasant surprise. Aubuchon often has several homes under construction at the same time. But to our knowledge, the Construction Manager they assign has no more than two at any time and never at the same phase. Our Construction Manager was on sight every day and always available to meet with us at the job site (at our convenience). Any issues that arose were addressed immediately and communications between all the involved parties were complete.

Aubuchon’s subcontractors are tried and true professionals. Most have been in the business and working with Aubuchon for years. Aubuchon chooses the sub based on their own experience. Low bid is not a defining part of the process.

Did issues arise during and after construction? Of course! This is a custom (one of a kind) home, after all. But anytime an issue arose, Aubuchon’s response was “we’ll take care of it, we want you to be happy.” And they did.

Our home came in within our budget and on time. We are delighted and proud of the outcome. It even won the 2018 Lee Building Industry Pinnacle Award for Best Product Design!

Aubuchon is a professional builder, but it’s the Aubuchon Team concept that sets them apart. They are the only builder we would recommend for a custom home.

Tim K.

We did a lot of research of other contractors before asking Team Aubuchon to build our ‘dream home.”  Their attention to detail still makes our home a ‘showplace.’  One of our friends built a home about the same time with another builder and comments regularly that he should have built with Aubuchon.  With the entire knowledgeable and dedicated team on the same page, ideas were implemented and fluidity was attained.  Our foreman kept telling us, “If you’re happy, I’m happy,” and we couldn’t be happier.  We give our building experience with Aubuchon a five-plus star rating.

Dennis & Joyce M.

Aubuchon built my dream home and I could not be more impressed with their work.  They took special care in making my home wheelchair accessible and quickly responded to my many requests for changes during the building process.  They are true professionals.

Nikki T.

Our custom home-building experience with Aubuchon was by far the best. They truly understand customer service. We had a multi-faceted experience with the Aubuchon Team. We had boated by our lot for several years and admired its terrific views of the spreader canal and preserve. During one of our boating trips, we noticed an Aubuchon for sale sign from the real estate division on the property. We bought our property in Cape Harbour from them and then had the real estate division sell our existing home in a difficult market and finally assist us in building our new home. We worked with knowledgeable staff who crafted our dream retirement home.

The team created amazing drawings that encompassed the fantastic views. The design center staff guided us through each of our decisions. The on-site design center enabled us to make many decisions under one roof. The staff was very attentive to us as we went through the selection process. When we wanted other options, staff accompanied us to make our selections. Evalutions provided valuable advice on our space planning. We have continued our relationship with them to decorate our home.

Tom and Barbara H.

We are very pleased with our new dream home built by Aubuchon Homes.  Everyone was very helpful and attentive during the construction process.  We have already been recommending them to friends.

Lindsay H.

We arrived in Cape Coral a few days ago and are pleased to see that our house is in good condition. The metal roof is intact and just needs some screws replaced. We had a small amount of water leakage around 3 or 4 windows but no permanent damage. Overall, our Aubuchon home passed the Hurricane Ian test with flying colors! Please thank Gary and Team Aubuchon for the fine work you all do.

Leigh M.

Although I did not purchase my home directly from Aubuchon Homes, at least two things are true and indisputable based on my experience: 1. Quality of the original custom designed construction by Aubuchon withstood direct and immediate hurricane wind and river surge from Ian without any material damage to exterior or interior of my home due to the quality of the build. Adjacent model homes by two other builders incurred significant and material damage due to their substandard materials and labor readily obvious upon inspection before and after Ian. 2. Aubuchon homes is still in business long after the original sale of my property whereas the other firms are already out of business. Furthermore, Aubuchon showed professionalism, class and personal service courtesy thru their warranty manager who took time to handle my inquiry regarding material specifications and vendor suppliers used in my build without any conditions or compensation. Aubuchon Homes is best in class for this reason. No reason to look further if building a home in the area.

Joe N.

What a great experience it is to work with professionals. It is my pleasure to work with Aubuchon Homes on a project in the making with my clients. Mitch, Bill and Justin have all gone above and beyond to exceed my expectations of how a true custom builder should operate. Their communication and attention to detail is amazing. If you are looking to build, I would highly recommend putting them at the top of your list. I was glad we did.

Jan D.