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Universal Design by Aubuchon Homes

Universal Design for Safe & Accessible Homes

For many of our clients, building a home where they can live independently is a priority.  By incorporating the elements of universal design we can create a home that is easier for everyone to enjoy. The Aubuchon Homes team has the knowledge and expertise to design accessible, comfortable, and safe spaces for you and your guests at every age and stage of life. Universal Design begins at the front door.  We can customize your design with zero-step solutions at the front entry, garage entry, showers, lanai, and pool deck. Open concept is a popular design style but also allows you and your guests to move more freely throughout your home.  Wider doors and hallways can also play into designing a more accessible and aesthetically pleasing home. The finishes in your home such as non-slip flooring, shower faucets with slide bars, grab bars and slightly raised electrical outlets are just a few of the important elements that enhance accessibility.

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