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Exterior of a Fort Myers Beach Custom Home built by Aubuchon Homes along the Back Bay.

Fort Myers Beach Custom Homes

Aubuchon Homes is the right fit to build a custom home on Fort Myers Beach. Island homebuilding is unique and you shouldn’t trust just any builder with the design complexities.

Aubuchon Homes built the home above on Fort Myers Beach in 2020. The living space is 12 feet above the ground. When Hurricane Ian slammed into Fort Myers Beach in September 2022 the home stood strong.

Fort Myers Beach custom home built by Aubuchon Homes still stands strong after Hurricane Ian in September 2022.

Florida began to strengthen homes with stricter building codes following Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Several code revisions later, the design and engineering standards of today truly make a difference.

Designing to the current building code in Southwest Florida meant that, during Hurricane Ian, impact windows and doors held up against flying debris and sustained winds of 150 mph. Higher elevation requirements helped homes stay dry even with storm surges above 12 feet in some areas.

Newer homes also had stronger roof-to-wall connections and improved resistance to wind and water intrusion. With every storm, we learn more about how to keep homes and homeowners safe. Updating the building code is an ongoing process.

Right after the storm, we heard from many customers who built with Aubuchon Homes. Read their testimonials.

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