Design Trend: Universal Design

Published on July 11, 2019

Universal Design is a trend that’s becoming popular in new construction. We sat down with Mallory Huether, interior designer at Evalutions by Aubuchon for her take on this hot topic.

Q: What is Universal Design?

M: Universal Design is GOOD design. We often have clients requesting ADA accessibility throughout their home as many intend on living in a home long term. However, ADA accessibility is only a piece of the concept of Universal Design. Universal Design is intended to enable people of all ages and physical abilities to feel a sense of independence in their own home. This may include people with no disabilities, people with special needs, elderly people, children and those that are disabled. Often times, people feel that Universal Design means their home might look very commercial or institutional, however, there are a growing number of products that appeal to a larger generation aesthetically and functionally.

Q: What are some examples of Universal Design?

M: Curbless showers are appropriate for all ages, including those in wheelchairs. They are also a current trend in design because they achieve a seamless continuous look. Adjustable lighting and plumbing fixtures, organizational products, and non-slip flooring are beneficial for all users as well. Other examples of incorporating Universal Design is through the use of lever-style door handles versus knobs because they require less physical effort to operate. Another consideration is putting more space in kitchens and bathrooms to make them more accessible and comfortable. Assistive technology and home automation are also elements of Universal Design, however, they should be simple and intuitive.

For more information on how to incorporate Universal Design into your home contact the interior design team at Evalutions by Aubuchon at 239.549.6881.