Taylor Dorsey - Aubuchon Homes

Taylor Dorsey

Design Center Consultant

Taylor Dorsey is a Design Team Assistant who joined Aubuchon Homes in 2020.  Taylor initially worked as a Customer Care Concierge in the front desk before transitioning to her current position.

When Taylor is not working, she has a very laid-back yet has an adventurous lifestyle. Her favorite place to be is on a boat fishing with her pals. She appreciates spending time with her two dogs, Cleo and Bubba! Exploring new places, cultures, and cuisines is what Taylor looks forward to most in life. She has rode camels with her Grandmother in the Sahara Desert, touched the pyramids of Egypt, been baptized in the Jordan River, rode elephants, and ate crickets with locals in Laos. Taylor has climbed mountains and back flipped off waterfalls.  After all, is said and done, nothing makes her more fulfilled than getting out of her comfort zone.

Specific values that drive Taylor are being honest and working hard. Taylor says that “in life, if you try to take shortcuts, you are only deceiving yourself.” Taylor likes to take the scenic route in anything she does.

Taylor is looking forward to growing outside of her comfort zone and obtaining new knowledge working with Aubuchon Homes.